Videos With Yorkshire Terriers

Videos With Yorkshire Terriers

If you’re looking for Videos with yorkshire terriers, you’ve come to the right place. You can watch videos about Yorkshire terriers, their history, and breeding. There are many benefits to having a Yorkie, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.


A video of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy playing with a baby has gone viral. The video shows the puppy jumping around and knocking the baby over. It was posted to YouTube in August 2010 and has over 11 million views. The Yorkshire Terrier is known for its courage, confidence, agility, and therapy work.

About yorkshire terriers

If you’ve ever wondered about the size of a Yorkshire Terrier, you’re not alone. They’re one of the smallest dog breeds and originated in Yorkshire, England. The ideal size for a Yorkshire Terrier is about seven pounds. These dogs are easy to train and make great pets.

However, Yorkshire Terriers have a long list of health issues. A luxating patella, or a slipping kneecap, can cause pain and limping, as well as reduced activity. Treatments range from surgery to weight control and leg slings. A condition known as Legg-Perthes syndrome can also cause walking problems, and may require surgery.

The coat of a Yorkshire Terrier is dark grey to black. The tail should be a darker shade of black. The legs should be a light tan, but should not extend past the elbow. Yorkshire Terriers don’t shed like many other breeds. They have no undercoat, which means they shed less than humans.

Yorkies can make excellent apartment pets, but they require some maintenance. This breed can have a yappy temper, and they can also need dental care. Because they’re so small, they’re best for households without young children. Because of their small size, they’re also prone to getting injured easily, and they need lots of attention and playtime.

Yorkies have a very high sensitivity to noise. They can hear people coming and going even before they walk through the door. This can be useful for alerting owners of potential intruders. However, their high sensitivity to sound and smell can lead them to bark excessively. Fortunately, this characteristic can be remedied with proper training.

Another important trait of Yorkies is their high intelligence. They can learn new things quickly. This makes them good watchdogs and excellent companions. However, their high level of intelligence also means that they need a lot of mental stimulation. A great way to keep a Yorkshire terrier mentally stimulated is to play puzzles with them.

Originally, Yorkies were used as working dogs. Their small size enabled them to chase rats and other vermin. They were also used in textile mills and coal mines. Because of their small size, they were also popular with Victorian women and became fashionable pets. As the breed’s popularity increased, they were often bred to be smaller and more compact. Their small size also made them suitable for apartment living.

There are many different types of Yorkies. Some are small and delicate while others are large and sturdy. A Yorkshire Terrier can be anywhere from three pounds to eight pounds. These dogs have different looks depending on how they’re groomed. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a Yorkshire Terrier.

One of the most common breeds of dog in the United States, Yorkshire terriers began life as rat hunters in mines and textile mills. Today, these dogs are prized lap dogs. They’re very smart and pack their personality into a small frame.


If you are considering getting a Yorkie as a pet, here are some tips. Although Yorkies are very affectionate and loving, they can be a bit yappy and need a lot of attention. They are also small and can be easily hurt if kids try to play with them. The breed can be a good choice for households with older children, but keep in mind that they are very active.

One of the most important tips is to socialize your puppy as early as possible. Although Yorkies are known for their small size and inquisitive nature, they are surprisingly social and fun to have around. If you introduce your puppy to other pets early, you will find that it gets along with them quite well. However, this does not mean that you should let your puppy play with strangers – you should make sure your puppy learns to behave around other animals.

Another important factor is the health of your Yorkshire Terrier’s eyes. They can develop a variety of eye disorders. While some are temporary, others can lead to degeneration of the retina. The right diagnosis is essential. Proper care can prevent these problems and save your pet from unnecessary pain.

When choosing a Yorkshire terrier puppy, it is important to consider the breed’s physical characteristics and the reproduction process. This will help you choose the right puppy for your family and home. You’ll also need to consider the risks and complications involved in having a litter.

Yorkies are known to have sensitive digestive systems. Therefore, they can be picky eaters and may be aggressive to larger dogs. If you’re worried about your new Yorkie becoming aggressive to other dogs, it’s important to make sure they’re comfortable around people, and socialize them properly.

As a breed, the Yorkshire Terrier has a silky, smooth coat. Regular brushing and bathing is recommended. You should also clip your dog’s nails every two weeks. You shouldn’t overgroom your Yorkshire Terrier, but a routine nail clipping can be beneficial.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a versatile breed with an unusual blend of toy dog and terrier. They were originally bred for ratting in mine shafts in Northern England and were first recognized by the AKC in 1885. The breed enjoys both an indoor and outdoor life, and require regular walks. They don’t shed much, but they do need to be groomed regularly.

A well-maintained coat is important for the health and happiness of a Yorkie. It’s important to brush and oil your Yorkshire’s coat regularly, and to brush their teeth regularly. Proper care and quality food will ensure that your pet has a long life.

Yorkshire Terriers are often used as working dogs, and their small size is perfect for catching rodents in wool and cotton mills. Their small size also makes them useful for catching small animals. They soon became popular as lap dogs for upper class European women.

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