All About the Basset Hound Yorkie Mix

All About the Basset Hound Yorkie Mix

Whether you’re considering bringing a basset into your family or simply want to know more about this breed, you’ve come to the right place. From its appearance to its personality, this mix of two dogs is a popular choice among dog owners. Bassets are loyal and laid back, making them ideal family pets. They also get along well with small pets and children.

Basset Hound

A Basset Hound Yorkie Mix is a hybrid dog that is a cross between a Basset Hound and a Yorkshire Terrier. It is a medium-sized breed that can reach a height and weight of up to 53.4 pounds. While the two dogs are very similar in size, there are some differences between the two breeds, such as their level of green. If you’re thinking about getting a Basset, be sure to choose one with the highest level of green.

The Basset Hound is one of the most popular breeds, thanks to its stout body and soulful eyes. These dogs are also very good with children and other dogs. However, they can be stubborn and must be trained properly from a young age. They require daily exercise and must be on a leash whenever they’re out of the house.

Some Basset Hounds are known to be gassy. However, a change in diet can help alleviate these problems. They can also be prone to doggie odor, so a bath may be necessary once in a while. An online Reddit user once commented that a Basset Hound isn’t a good choice for people who are very house proud.

Grooming a basset is easy. A brush should be used once or twice a week. Basset Hounds shed moderately, but a regular brushing will help keep the hair under control. They can also be susceptible to ear infections, elbow dysplasia, and bleeding disorders. Responsible breeders will screen bassets for these conditions and other common problems.

Besides being sweet and loving, a Basset Hound Yorkie Mix is also intelligent and sociable. The Basset Hound breed is known for its nose, while Bulldogs do not have a strong one. Bassets are easy to train, and are great with children.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier and Basset Hound are two very different breeds with different grooming requirements. While both require regular brushing, the Yorkshire Terrier coat is more prone to shedding than its Basset Hound counterpart. Grooming should be done at least twice a year or every four weeks for a family pup.

Both breeds are affectionate, playful, and devoted. However, the Yorkshire Terrier is a strong territorial dog, while the Basset Hound is a quieter breed with a low impulse to chase other dogs or small animals. Both dogs are very adaptable to changing lifestyles, making them excellent pets for families and apartment dwellers. The Basset Hound is a relatively healthy breed, but can suffer from separation anxiety if not properly socialized.

Life spans for both breeds are approximately 12 to 15 years, although life expectancy varies from breed to breed. While the Yorkshire Terrier can live to be as old as eight years, the Basset Hound can live up to fourteen years. The Basset Hound is also known to shed a lot, and requires bathing only a few times a year. The Basset’s long ears are susceptible to infection and the pronounced haw of the eyes can become dry and infected. They also have massive paws, which can carry a lot of dirt, and untrimmed toenails can damage the dog’s paws.

Although Basset Hounds are incredibly loyal to their families and are good with children, they are not velcro dogs and can live independently. They also don’t tend to be needy. Their breed was originally bred to be independent and scent-seeking dogs. They are very obedient, but don’t need a lot of attention.


As a breed of small dog, the Plica Basset Hound Yorkie mix is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a loving and playful companion. Despite their small stature, the Plica needs about 30 to 45 minutes of exercise daily. Though they do not require a bath, you may need to give them a medicated shampoo once or twice a year to prevent skin allergies and to prevent loose skin. You should also brush your Plica’s teeth twice a week and trim its toenails if needed.

The Plica has a round head with large brown eyes and a short, smooth coat. Their coat is typically red, brown, black, fawn, or pied. They are extremely easy to groom and require moderate to regular care. They are generally outgoing but can be reserved around strangers. They also have a moderately high level of energy, which makes them a great choice for people with children.

This mix is an excellent choice for families with children because the breed is affectionate and loves people. It also loves to play and will flatulate when it gets excited. The average life span of this breed is ten to thirteen years. They are great pets for families and children of all ages.

The Basset Hound is a breed of medium to large-sized dogs. They are heavy-boned and weigh about 40 pounds in small females and 80 pounds in large males. They have a short, tight coat and a distinctive expression, and their eyes are very expressive.


If you are considering getting a Dachshund mix, you should be prepared for a variety of different personalities. While a true Dachshund is very devoted to its family, they can also be a lot of trouble around the house. Thankfully, the Dachshund Basset Hound mix comes with a variety of characteristics that make them a great choice for a family dog.

This breed is generally easygoing and doesn’t require a lot of exercise, but it’s important to exercise them regularly. Some dogs can tolerate only short, 30-minute walks while others require much more. In general, though, Dachshunds and Bassets both need at least an hour a day of exercise.

This dog breed is an excellent choice for older owners looking for a companion and family dog. It’s not overly active, but it does need its share of cuddling and attention. They also have a high level of intelligence and are excellent guard dogs. But be prepared to spend some time training your dog to follow your rules and follow your lead.

A Basschund Basset Hound Mix is not an aggressive dog, and gets along well with children and other pets. While they don’t require much exercise, they enjoy being with their owners and don’t like being left alone. Because of this, they’re perfect for families with young children.

A Dachshund Basset Hound Mix is an excellent addition to a family. They love to cuddle with children and are very good watchdogs. These dogs don’t require enormous amounts of exercise, which makes them a wonderful choice for the elderly as well.

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